Welcome to Knife Rant

Welcome to Knife Rant

To Whom it May Concern


If you are reading this right now you probably fit into one of two camps. You are either trying to avoid the very real fact that deep down you are an addict and probably need help OR you are just an innocent gearhead trying not to go into debt. Chances are, both are true. Either way, welcome to Knife Rant.


My name is Lance aka the marauding fox, aka the desert terror, aka @elvulpino.edc and I am your host. Together we will take a journey through the realm of EDC as we explore gear, gear, and… more gear. In truth, this is just an outlet where I can give my opinion without having to hear my wife tell me that I have a problem.


At this point though, you’re probably thinking, “Alright, this guy’s got a pretty sick Instagram, but who is he to tell me about EDC gear?” That is a perfectly natural response and let me tell you, I am literally the only man, woman, or child for this job. My qualifications? I own a knife in Magnacut, so I’m basically an expert. Fact check me.


Now let’s get down to the brass taxes and discuss what you can find in this blog going forward:


No clue.


James didn’t give me any direction, so I am basically doing whatever I want until I get shutdown either by him or by Uncle Joe.


Humor aside, I am just going to be another dude who is going to give his opinion on gear that I own, have owned, or am wanting to check out. No filters, no gimmicks, just my full unfettered opinion. I will cover knives, leather goods, pocket trash, and other useless trinkets like prybars too. This blog will be full of hot takes, novice insights, and some triggering opinions sprinkled on top.


My goal is not to add additional chatter to the many voices already trying to tell you about the next best EDC tool, but to entertain and give you my take on cool gear. I hope that this blog strikes up conversations and is able to help continue to forge deeper bonds between people in our awesome community.


Signing off…



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Love the humor, and can’t wait to hear your perspective on some cool gear!

Epic Daily Carry

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